Smooth Visual Storytelling for Instagram

It starts here!

Have you noticed how some Instagram grids are just incredibly appealing? Not only do they look smooth but also alive.

How to achieve that visual harmony? We need to consider color, but it is not the only element. Chroma is at least as important. Pay attention to transitions: when starting a few lines with a somewhat different theme, it should be planned ahead of time so you don’t abruptly end with purple next to orange.

We suggest introducing an intermediary image or two that has both colors present, one from the previous photo and another from the new one. This way, the transition is smooth and you can feel confident about your content.

We can plan Instagram grids for you. Just contact us!

Remember that visual echoes and planning are key. It’s incredibly important to use colors that work with your brand colors. Here is an example of something I made for a client with stock images. The theme, the colors, and the visual ideas are all coherent.





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