About Make Visual Sense

This blog is the late-blooming brainchild of Anu Maarit Simard, freelance writer and photographer, who one day had to curate a visual narrative for a magazine. That day was some forgotten afternoon in 2008, the magazine was Platform Mag, and this is how the story of a passion began. The thirst for making sense of visuals is like learning to decode and encode a new, powerful language, allowing us to simultaneously address the conscious and the subconscious minds.

Soon, other similar missions would follow. George Lever asked her to curate visual narratives with Chris Friel and then for Toshihiro Oshima, Malou Sinding, Lucy Telford, and many more artists. Anu realized she loved visual curating more than anything else (although Paris, the sea, and nondairy ice cream also make the top ten list).

The great news is that she can brand your company through curated visuals. Little else is needed. Visual narratives help clients and potential clients make sense of your company’s or personal brand’s mission in a more subtle and powerful way than text blurbs (although we do realize this is one). Your company, pitch deck, magazine, and socials can all benefit from access to fresh, dynamic image resources that don’t look cookie-cutter. Who does not enjoy visual identity that outshines the competition by being based on values? We and our clients do! Get in touch with us: amsimard@makevisualsense.com